Small-scale Poultry Processing

Wyoming producers have few options for inspected meat processing that allows Wyoming consumers to find local products in traditional stores, or local meats to be used in restaurants–and zero capacity for poultry processing for anything except direct sales.

Implementing mobile processing capability that allows Wyoming producers market access for poultry and meat is a priority of Wyoming Food Freedom and the Local Food Chain Program. We are inviting all interested producers to contact us if they would like to participate in pilot project grants and the development of these initiatives.

Below are links and the index to a good publication on poultry processing.

This publication covers small-scale processing, both on-farm and in small plants. A growing number of small producers are raising poultry outdoors on pasture, processing the birds on-farm or in regional processing facilities, and selling the meat directly to customers at the farm or at a farmers’ market. Access to processing is a critical issue for small producers. This publication covers each step of processing poultry, and offers examples of mobile processing units.