Wyoming Ag Facts

  • Wyoming agriculturists contribute $1 billion to the state’s economy and the U.S. ag industry 20% of the U.S. GDP.
  • Wyoming has about 11,000 farms and ranches and leads the nation in average size of farms and ranches
  • Wyoming farmers and ranchers care for 30.1 million acres, which produce food and fiber, wildlife habitat & keep lands free from development.
  • Bringing in 61% of all Wyoming ag sales, ranchers raise and care for 1.3 million cattle. This is enough beef to produce ½ billion quarter pounder hamburgers per year.
  • Wyoming is the nation’s #3 sheep and wool producer. Wyoming sheep produce about 3 million pounds of wool!
  • The main crops that give Wyoming farmers and ranchers a purpose in life are hay, barley, wheat, corn, sugarbeets and dry beans.

o   Wyoming farmers and ranchers produce about 2.2 million tons of the hay each year!

o   If you end your day with a nice, cold beer, chances are it came from Wyoming. Farmers grew 6.9 million bushels of barley in 2008!

o   Wyoming raises enough wheat to produce 283 million loaves of bread each year.

o   Wyoming farmers also find time to raise about 700,000 tons of corn and 664,000 tons of sugarbeets.

o   Wyoming also makes the grade in dry bean production and is the 3rd largest producer of pinto beans in the whole, wide, nation.

  • One rancher or farmer grows enough food to feed 155 people each day!
  • Ag by-products don’t just feed and clothe us, they are used in everything from toothpaste to clothes, printer ink to car upholstery.
  • U.S. farmers and ranchers raise 22% of the world’s beef, 20% of the milk on the globe, 39% of all corn AND 38% of the planet’s soybeans.
  • Farmers and ranchers produce more than 2 TRILLION lbs. of food each year!
  • 98% of all U.S. farms are owned by individuals or families.
  • Agriculturists only get about $0.19 for every retail food dollar spent.
  • Government farm programs account for about only 14% of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s $88 million budget and farm programs are less than .5% of the total US budget.
  • American’s spend the lowest percentage of their annual income on food – less than 10%. Compare that with France at 15%, China at 26% and Indonesia at 55%!
  • Farmers & ranchers are excellent stewards of the land. It is our source of income and way of life. Over ½ of farmers & ranchers intentionally provide wildlife habitat and thousands of trees are planted on farmland yearly. Ag folks also have installed 1.54 million miles of conservation buffers and thanks to agriculturists, erosion dropped over 40% since 1982.